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Safety letter

Dear Guest,


The letter below is required to be signed by all participants in order to join the excursions.

To avoid unnecessary delay on the day, please ensure you have read and signed this letter before you arrive at the site.


Welcome to Barendse-DC.


We wish to ensure you have a nice and safe tour as your health and safety are our priority.

Therefore, we would like to make you aware, in advance, of the safety and hygiene policies of Barendse-DC.


- Follow the instructions of your guide at all times.

- Stay with your group.

- Keep to the main paths.

- Touching of machinery and equipment is prohibited

- Keep a safe distance from the machines, even when they are not in use.

- Plants and fruit should not be touched.

- Keep aware of the auto-transporters. Make sure you are not in their route. Please be aware that at roundabouts the auto-transporters give a signal and then continue to drive.

- Pay attention to all automatic doors.

- If you have concerns with medical conditions or problems with heat or humidity, please speak with your guide regarding this before the tour.

- Children have access only under supervision. Our policy allows a maximum of 5 children per supervisor. Please ensure that all children are under supervision at all times and do not stray from the group during the tour. It is your responsibility that all children are aware of the policies above.


Please note that visiting the company and site is undertaken at your own risk.


We also ask you to take into account our employees. Please let them perform their work without hindrance.


We wish you a nice tour.


Yours sincerely,


Petra Barendse, ‘Bezoek Agriport’

Léon Barendse, ‘Barendse-DC’


Download our safetyletter here