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Welcome in the greenhouse!

Looking for a friendly and informative excursion in North Holland? Visit us! And let the modern greenhouses surprise you! Bezoek Agriport, located in the greenhouse area Agriport A7, just 30 minutes from Amsterdam on the A7.

New: Visit, next to our orange pepper greenhouse, our new greenhouse with snack tomatoes.

New: The growers of Agriport A7 use geothermal heat to warm their greenhouses. Visit the Geothermal Plant.

The tour

The tours of Bezoek Agriport take place at greenhouse Barendse-DC. Your guide will tell you about the history of the (family)company, the environmentally friendly way of growing. Of course you will also learn everything about the amazing product and process of the orange pepper, from flower to plate.


A presentation about the location Agriport A7 and the greenhouse Barendse-DC will make your excursion complete. In the company canteen of the greenhouse, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea, you will see and hear an interesting presentation about, for example, the sustainable way of using energy and the synergy in the area Agriport A7.

The orange pepper!
The orange pepper is a product to be proud of. It is sweet and very healthy, full of vitamin C (three times more than an orange). You can never eat too much because of minimum of calories. And the sweet peppers are environmentally friendly grown.


You will find the orange pepper greenhouse of Barendse-DC in the prestigious greenhouse area Agriport A7 on Agriport 611 in Middenmeer.The greenhouse is close to the A7 highway, you can find directions here


The greenhouse of Barendse-DC is 30.000 m2 and has many entrances. We expect you to arrive at the main entrance, where your guide will welcome you.


The property of Barendse-DC allows for enough places to park your car free of charge during your visit.