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Greenhouse visit, Agriport A7

What can you expect?

A friendly and educational tour 

(duration: 2 hours)

For the excursion you will be welcomed in the smart farming greenhouse of Barendse-DC, world's largest orange pepper greenhouse. Our guide will tell you all about the smart farming, sustainable and environmentally friendly way of producing greenhouse vegetables. During the tour we take a look at the energy area and the water area. Of course we visit the enormous greenhouse where about 30.000 kilo (66.139 pounds) of peppers will be harvested every single day! 


Presentation about Agirport A7 and greenhouse Barendse-DC

A presentation about the large scale greenhouse area Agriport A7 and the greenhouse Barendse-DC will make your tour complete. In the company canteen, while enjoying a cup of coffee or tea you will see and hear an interesting presentation. With the help of slides and videos, your guide will tell you about the history of the (family)company, a year-round cultivation and the sustainable use of energy by geothermal heat and Combined Heat Power installations. You will also hear about the collaboration in the area Agirport A7, smart farming and the coming of the datacentre of Microsoft. Of course there is time for questions.


Useful information: 


When does the excursion start?

Excursions can start in the morning as well as in the afternoon, from Monday to Saturday. When you request a tour you can specify what time you prefer to start.



safety letter is required to be signed by all participants of the tour in order to join the excursions. To avoid unnecessary delay on the day, please ensure you have read and signed this letter before yo arrive at the site.


 Program suggestion about 2 hours


10.00 am: Reception at greenhouse Barendse-DC, the world's largest greenhouse with orange peppers, in the greenhouse area Agriport A7.

10.05 am: Visit energy and water area.

10.30 am: Greenhouse visit*: Snack tomatoes.

10.45 am: Coffee/tea.

11.00 am: Presentation / Geothermal heat / Smart farming / Questions / tasting.

11.30 am: Greenhouse visit*: Orange peppers.

12.00 pm: End of tour. One healthy greenhouse vegetable for all participants of the tour!
There is opportunity for souvenir shopping.


The times in this suggestion are just an example. By requesting a tour, you can choose your preferred time to start the tour.

The harvesting season in the peppergreenhouse is from March until November.

We harvest tomatoes all year round.


 *All visitors are required to wear hygienic clothing which is handed out to our guests by our guides.