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Agriport & Zuiderzeemuseum

Combine a greenhouse tour at Agriport A7 with the Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen.

Story of a rich culture


In 1932 the Afsluitdijk (the IJsselmeer Barrier Dam) closed off the former Zuiderzee from the North Sea, and the inland sea thus created was named IJsselmeer (in which ‘meer’ is the Dutch word for ‘lake’ and ‘IIssel’ the name of the river feeding it).


The Zuiderzee Museum is oriented toward the history, the current situation and the future of this area, thereby focusing on the major themes of water, crafts and communities.


This story is visualized in the Outdoor Museum with a great number of historical buildings, and in the Indoor Museum with various thematic exhibitions.


Heritage, visual art, photography and design plays an important role in this context.



It is only 35 minutes' drive from the greenhouse tour at Agriport A7 to Zuiderzeemuseum in Enkhuizen.

View one of our combination ideas in the neighbourhood: