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Agriport & Lunch Agriport

Combine a greenhouse tour at Agriport A7 with a delicious lunch with greenhouse vegetables from the area.



At Agriport A7 we have a nice lunchroom De Tafel van Agriport, only 5 minutes' drive from the greenhouse tour (2km).

The lunchroom can offer you delicious lunches.


Lunch suggestion:

You can choose to have a delicious menu of home-made orange pepper soup, a selection of sandwiches, typical dutch "kroket", coffee/tea, milk, orange juice.

Costs: €17,50 p.p incl. VAT.


Of course De Tafel van Agriport can offer you various menus for lunch.


We can make a lunch reservation for you if you want.


View one of our combination ideas in the neighbourhood: