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Agriport & Geothermal plant

Combine a greenhouse tour with a visit to the geothermal plant of Agriport A7.


Visit the largest Geothermal location of the BE-NE-LUX!

After the greenhouse visit, we will go and see the geothermal plant of Agriport A7.

Geothermal heat is a great and sustainable innovation!

The very first geothermal location in the north of Holland and the largest in the BE-NE-Lux is located here at Agriport A7!


Since 2014 the greenhouses of Agriport use geothermal heat. Warm water approx 90 degrees Celsius is pumped up from 2,5 km depth to heat our greenhouses.  

Barendse-DC saves more than 30% gas because of using geothermal energy.

The pipelines transporting the geothermal heat from the drill location and retour have an overall length of 14 km.

Come and see this amazing project!


Attention: This is an outdoor tour!


Distance: Only 2 minutes' drive from the greenhouse tour (1,5 km).


View one of our combination ideas in the neighbourhood: